A Wreath of Possibilities…

What turns out to be some years ago now, I created a winter wreath. I wanted it to last for more than just the holidays both for frugality and because I lived in a little one bedroom with my boyfriend and there was no room for storage. Even though I now live in a slightly larger two bedroom, I still store my Christmas decorations at my mom’s!

Ironically while dealing with my tendonitis, I have been wanting to create. Nothing like not being able to do something to get you to do it! I have been bad the past couple days not wearing my brace which keeps me honest about not using it so I thought I would continue the trend.

The bow was done on that winter wreath this year – the white paper ribbon was crushed and yellowing so I set about tearing it off. The base was still nice though and I’ve always liked the texture so I bought a new bow for it. It is not my favorite bow – I was sick, it was the last piece of decorating but I was determined and I figured this could go into the early part of the new year since it wasn’t red and green.

The not so exciting holiday bow.

A couple of weeks ago while Michael’s I saw all the Valentine’s Day crafting supplies and decorations out. (also all the new spring stuff which only made me want to make more wreaths!) I thought the red, sparkly decorations would be a good change – I could use the same base but spiff it up a little! I had been meaning to make it back and with the threat of a looming snowstorm that might keep me cooped up for a few days I went at lunch and as luck would have it everything was on 40% mark down! (to make room for the St. Patrick’s Day decorations which are green and sparkly…)

A little more exciting and rich!

I am not loving the lighting, it looks a little garish but I know in real life it’s very pretty! It was also the first time I’ve ever attempted to make a bow from ribbon. Ahem. It only took an hour… so glad a friend called and distracted me for a while so I wasn’t as frustrated when I got back to it. Success.

Iced Berries

Was out running some errands while visiting my mom during Thanksgiving… Nah, who am I kidding? I went to the craft store! Even if I had to go can that really be considered something as mundane as an errand?! So, was on the way back up the windy, twisty road and it had been snowing, just a dusting though. Everything was just covered enough to wipe away the dreary browns and grays that creep in over the winter when all the greenery is gone. But there is always life to be found somewhere.

Iced Berries © 2010 rayna diane
West Virginia 2010, © rayna diane

Winter Wreath

January always seems to be such a dreary month. Christmas is over, the decorations have come down, and the days are short (though slowly getting longer!). A while back I bought the Holidays & Celebrations magazine from Somerset Magazines. It’s not just for Christmas, though, they have Valentine’s Day, Easter and Halloween, too.There was a how-to for a ‘prize ribbon wreath’, by Lori Oles, within the first few pages that I really liked. I’ve had it on my mind for a bit but wasn’t sure what to use for the centerpiece of the ribbon or what kind of materials in general. I didn’t want to spend a whole lot. The first thing that appealed to me was the base of the wreath was cardboard which, during the holidays, is pretty easy to come by with all the packages coming in the mail.

Two happy discoveries – the first was the centerpiece – a spider web Christmas ornament! Yes, I know this will creep some of you out but I happen to think they’re pretty neat. And of all places, I found it at Macy’s! The other was a large piece of white scrap material that I think I’ve had for years and couldn’t get rid of but didn’t know what to use it for.  So with those two items and a ton of other scrap white yarn, white paper and hot glue, I got January 1st off to a crafty start.

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