Petaled Wood

It was a beautiful fall day for a wedding. One of my closest friends married his long-time girlfriend out on the deck of a really lovely catering hall. While I have wonderful photos of the wedding (the kiss! of course!) I’m very much into the details of events and places. Moments that capture what I was feeling the whole day. The sunlight on the deck, the flower petals like confetti. It was a wonderful day and I’m so glad I got to be a part of it.

A Touch of Decay

During one of our motorcycle trips in the fall of 2010 we stayed at the Taconic Campgrounds. Fall was in full force outside the city and we hit it just right for two weekends in a row. We were exploring the campgrounds, heading to get firewood when we passed these little pink flowers. There is something so pretty and fragile when decay starts to take hold of nature and objects. I felt this photo caught it just right. The flower still had it’s brilliant color but you can see the fall starting to creep in.

Pink flower taken at the Taconic Campgrounds, Fall 2010.