Another Country: Costa Rica

A client of mine was generous – he flew the NY team members to Costa Rica for the holiday party and I even had an extra day for sight-seeing! Saw this pretty little creature at a reserve near the waterfall gardens we visited. Looking forward to going back someday and seeing more of the country for sure!

Blue Butterfly
Blue Butterfly, Costa Rica, December 2012

Waterfall in Costa Rica, a damp gray morning but still lovely.

It was wet and rainy in the morning but the skies cleared up and were so lovely!

Costa Rican Sky
Costa Rican sky after a very rainy morning.

The Bee’s Knees

I love my little bee! I couldn’t believe it when he landed right there on the bench and stayed there! I’m not sure if what he was doing was cleaning but he was there for a full minute or two and I was able to scoot in pretty close. I’m using a pinhole setting on my camera which is why there is a soft halo effect around him.

a little bee
a little bee at Menla Mountain, Summer 2012


It’s been a very hectic two weeks in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy but New York – human beings are resilient. We have a grasp on the extent of the damage and some is very severe and will take time to repair. Coney Island in the Rockaways was one of the worst. An image from a peaceful day back in September. With time, I hope that peace returns.

Luna ride sign from Coney Island
Luna ride sign from Coney Island, fall 2012

Let Me Eat Cake!

I went to a at a BBQ this past weekend and one of the fellas made these absolutely wonderful red velvet cupcakes. They were just perfect – moist, even texture and the frosting was even edible. I’ve never been a big fan of red velvet cake though I’ve always assumed it’s because I’ve only had it from big grocery stores. Always too much sugar in everything especially the frosting. But these… these lovely, luscious, little pieces of cake-y heaven. Sigh.

red velvet cupcake

San Francisco Rose

Just came back from a trip to San Francisco. Technically, it was my second visit since I was there a few years ago for a design conference but since I didn’t really get to do any sight-seeing, I count this as my first trip. I stayed with a really good friend for 4 days and I can’t believe how much we did! Phew! This rose was taken at the Sutter Home Vineyard. There was a beautiful rose garden behind the building for the store and tastings. I can’t wait to go back!
San Francisco Rose

How Shallot Can You Be?

I forgot about this photo a few months ago when I made my first recipe with shallots. I remember loving how smoothly and easily the shallots gave under the knife and how pretty they were. The purple skins and the white insides against the texture of the cutting board. This photo is a happy rediscovery. Now, what WAS that recipe… I do remember it was quite tasty!

Iced Berries

Was out running some errands while visiting my mom during Thanksgiving… Nah, who am I kidding? I went to the craft store! Even if I had to go can that really be considered something as mundane as an errand?! So, was on the way back up the windy, twisty road and it had been snowing, just a dusting though. Everything was just covered enough to wipe away the dreary browns and grays that creep in over the winter when all the greenery is gone. But there is always life to be found somewhere.

Iced Berries © 2010 rayna diane
West Virginia 2010, © rayna diane