rayna diane hennen

I am a web designer by day and, after being part of a mass layoff in 2010, have been freelancing from the comfort of my own dining room table.

As I mentioned in my first post,  my crafty side had languished and took a back seat to everything. Very disappointing. Since I had time over the summer of 2010, I decided that Fridays would be craft day. A good way to end the week and start the weekend. Why only Fridays? I live in a tiny apartment with my boyfriend and all of my stuff is tucked away in Rubbermaid containers, art bins and so forth so to really get anything done requires pulling it all out and basically taking over the apartment. I decided it was better to do one full day since I was the only one home during the day and could be as messy as I needed (or wanted!) to be. Someday I hope to have a whole room all to myself and my crafty stuff so I can do a couple hours here and there or a whole day if I want. Blogging about my crafting was just a natural overflow. I blog about Web Design and I have always liked writing.

It was a double edged sword being unemployed. Not working full-time the money can certainly get a little tight but then I had (and still have) all this energy and creativity because I don’t have to get up at 6AM and work eight or nine hours and commute back and forth. It feels really good to be creating again and I refuse to let the crafting side of me be ignored. I’m fortunate that my career as a web designer is a creative one but it is different than art. There is this great screensaver about the differences between art and design. “Design conveys the same message to everyone. Art conveys a different message to everyone.”