New flickr Photos

Friday in DUMBO Brooklyn was beautiful. I took full advantage and went out at lunch time with my camera.

Spam Comments. Really?

I would like to voice my disgust at spam. It was not enough to spam every email account I own attempting to taunt me with pills to “amorous my bedroom” or “make the girls to please”.

A New Year

I like that it’s really cold right now. It is refreshing, especially in the mornings. Even the coldest days are welcomed, if briefly, for the relief and reprieve from the stifling morning heat that pervades our apartment.

Say Something!

These aren’t mind-blowing revelations by any means but I think they’re important. The in-house design department I work in suffered for a long time because we didn’t speak up. We also compromise a lot since there are more than 3 people involved in any given project, which can be frustrating but if you really believe that what you’re thinking should be done will benefit the project, say it.

What is home?

What is home? Or what feels like home? Arguably, it might be somewhere you have lived for most of your life, somewhere you are familiar. You know the weak spots in the floorboards, just how to turn the closet door handle to shut it, and where to hit certain appliances to make them work. But I don’t think that it has to necessarily be.

A bright, sunshiny day

SO, Back to standing at the train station on an absolutely beautiful November Sunday watching the crowds go by.

Title Change

As I have mentioned in the little ‘about’ section on the right, I am still relatively new to blogging and so am letting this blog find itself for a bit before really deciding. As such, I decided a name change was in order. The original name was Pieces of Me which was the name of […]

NY Needs a Rest too!

The New York skyline is beautiful. There are so many images of it on postcards and websites – everyone recognizes it. But what I really love about New York is what you don’t see posted everywhere. Nestled in between the tall skyscrapers and slick retail stores are little escapes. Little niches carved out that offer […]

Perfection Confinement

I have this perfection issue. I think that when I write or make something it has to come out “right” the first time.

Doors that Intrigue

My first love and I recently got back in touch via another ex – always a strange moment! I was excited to see him and glad to have him back in my life as he introduced me to some great stuff including Queen, Pink Floyd and writing poetry. He has become an avid photographer, as […]