A bright, sunshiny day

Posted by on November 8, 2009 at 10:41 pm.

I was waiting at the train station in Woodside for the second cutest girl in the world. Second? So who is first? Well, according to my father I am and far be it from me to argue with my father.  🙂 And, were her father available to call and say, hey, who is the cutest girl in the world, he would undoubtedly say, you needed to ask?

SO, Back to standing at the train station on an absolutely beautiful November Sunday watching the crowds go by. A young girl in flat knee high suede purple boots that clearly made her feel like an adult. A woman in tie-dyed stockings with bright purple sneakers. A curious baby on a father’s shoulder taking everything in with big brown eyes. A woman with verrry bright neon pink-orange (porange? orink?) sneakers. 3 good friends laughing and drinking coffee.

When all of the ill of the world appear on the pages of our daily physical and virtual newspapers it is a comfort to know that somehow normal life goes on. People find a way to continue to laugh and love and enjoy the sunshine on a particularly warm fall day. And I was among them. Sweet!

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