Title Change

Posted by on October 25, 2009 at 10:01 pm.

As I have mentioned in the little ‘about’ section on the right, I am still relatively new to blogging and so am letting this blog find itself for a bit before really deciding. As such, I decided a name change was in order. The original name was Pieces of Me which was the name of a blog I held briefly on Vox. When I created this blog, I wasn’t quite sure of a name so stuck with the other until something struck me.

I am a web designer and kind of liked the idea of something web related. I had thought display:inline; might be all right but this piece of code lines things up neatly in a row, particularly for the list tag <li>. I then thought of overflow:visible; which allows content that is wider or longer than a particular space is coded for to be seen. In thinking about this I thought this sounded kind of like a journal or blog because it allows that which is inside of you that needs to come out, that is bigger than your insides are coded for, to spill over and be seen. It may sound a little cheesy or something, but I kind of like it so I guess that is one piece of blog evolution done. 🙂

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