Doors that Intrigue

Posted by on August 4, 2009 at 8:41 pm.

My first love and I recently got back in touch via another ex – always a strange moment! I was excited to see him and glad to have him back in my life as he introduced me to some great stuff including Queen, Pink Floyd and writing poetry. He has become an avid photographer, as am I, and it turns out we have very similar photographic sensibilities. (his stuff is here if you’re curious). He shares much more than I do – I’m a little stingy when it comes to sharing creative stuff – but a recent post of his about doors has inspired me to do a little door posting of my own. (My photos are not high res – they are cell phone photos and not nearly as clear as his).

Brooklyn DoorsI took this one a week or so before his post, mostly because it was run down and so forth. I figured I could use it for a digital collage at some point. I recently took another photo of a door after his post and I have to agree – doors are intriguing. I like them older and worn. What lies behind them? In a dusty old shop – are there any remnants in the debris of what the shop was? Who owned it? What kind of people shopped there?

Doors, M train stationThere is one door that has held my attention for years. While waiting on the M train platform at Chambers Street, there is a dirty, brown, padlocked, cross-hatched double door just after the platform ends and the tunnel begins. I cannot tell you how often I have stared at that door and imagined what lies behind. Sure – storage for the MTA but are there any relics of transportation past? Is it still used (sure doesn’t look like it!) Does it lead to a whole other network of tunnels or cross stations? And then there are the stories I have written in my head while waiting (…and waited some more). Abandoned cities and families living in tunnels; networks for the aliens; escape routes for convicts. I guess doors are wonderful conduits for creativity!

Doors, 594 Broadway

After a seminar

Doors, Havemeyer and Grand

On the way to a birthday dinner

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