Well, the blog is about web design and where my little role fits in. I confess at this point the blog is not entirely focused on one topic or another like, say, SEOmoz. I’m still finding my way through what I am comfortable writing about and what I’m good at writing about. I have a feeling privacy will become a pretty prevalent thread as I’m very much interested in how privacy on the internet will come to evolve in terms of legislation like can an employer not hire you because of what is on your facebook page?

As for me, I have been a Web Designer and client-side Developer for over 5 years now and still love it. It wasn’t my first choice actually, I have a BS in Photography but as a career, for me, it wasn’t enough. I had taken a Dreamweaver class in college as an elective. After I was out of school for a year or so, really got interested in webbing and coding and, after getting an Associates in Multimedia, got my first job creating websites as an in-house designer for a conference company. Awesome first job. Wouldn’t trade the experience I gained for a thing.

As I state on my website about page, when I’m not creating websites, I’m probably reading about websites and how to make them better on blogs and in books and magazines. When I’m not doing anything related to the web, I’m probably reading, crafting, watching hockey, the Discovery channel (because the world IS just awesome!) or cooking. You will not find me eating anything with three-pronged forks or eating olives. I will also be nowhere near centipedes or jellyfish. Ew.