Trust Design

Trust does begin with the client. The first principle, keep your promises, is by far the most important. If the client can’t trust your word, they probably won’t trust your design either. Trust Me, I’m a Designer: 9 Principles for Creative Credibility Author: Jason Cranfordteague “A recent study by Demos ( called Truth, Lies and […]

A Layered Approach

An often overlook element of the work-flow process is layers. All the Adobe products use layers. They are great – you can have a layer for every little line in your project if you want. It’s actually a great thing for editing a file later. So when aren’t they beneficial? When you haven’t named a single one of them and someone else has to use your file to edit a project. Note: the next person could be you in six months. Will you remember what Layer 135 is?

An Identity Challenge

It sounded simple enough – Vet clinic name, cat, dog, heart shape. The client had a rough sketch done of what she had in mind. some designer might mind this; I like a jumping off point especially when there is drawing or illustration involved. I’ll try different angles of course, but a clear direction inst’ such a bad thing. In this case, the original position of the cat and dog ended up being too awkward to create. The animals just didn’t look… comfortable.

Parachutes and Javascript

I don’t have to work for the #1 ad agency in the world (some would ask well, why not?) but I have read some job descriptions that, while I could do it, it didn’t inspire me. That or the company left something to be desired. Did I apply? Yes, to a couple of them but since there are only so many jobs available on any given day and after I have taken care of any freelance work, there is inevitably down time. So, as my grandfather used to say, might as well do something even if it’s wrong. Meaning, doing something is better than nothing because it gets the ball rolling.

Adventures in Photography

And then, the other building, in another part of Brooklyn. As you walk up to it with your camera you are quick to avert your eyes from the man who just pulled up his pants from taking a quick pee on a fire hydrant.

HTML5 for Web Designers

It is a great little book with lots of good examples of how to use these new HTML5 elements throughout. I highly recommend!

My Own Worst Design Enemy

A Corner of My Future Site I am currently in the process of redesigning my own website, which showcases a portfolio of my web design work along with my photography. It is long overdue and certainly could benefit from more copy and a more coherent design and flow. Looking at the site from a potential […]


Small green globes that shroud
the delicate within –
angelic white kissed with sunset pink.

Oh so Manly

I’ve always been attracted to packaging. I don’t work in the package design industry – I don’t think I have the brain particles necessary for 3D design.  I didn’t take to 3D software very well, unfortunately. It would have been great to get into video game design, which is actually a good segue way into […]

Tap, Tap

I guess it could be considered a new year’s resolution though I never officially decided that it would be. It developed out of a moment of self-awareness: my relationship issues were actually more my fault than anything else.